Mantra of Collective Intelligence

written by Arne Bollinger on 29 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 11:07 in ecobasa

All that we do is a lot about trust, responsibility, collective intelligence and collaboration. This means collective leadership.

I dreamed that i should share this mantra with you. I wrote it after my first Communities-Convergence in Aurora community, Romania. After some community-building group experience.
Like every mantra you can repeat it to yourself over and over.
If you allow it, it will transform something in you and share its greater wisdom.

I trust myself in being a good leader. 
I ...

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community gifts

Gifts for the Thinkfarm

written by LiliDavid on 8 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 16:51 in ecobasa

We have been given a solidarity place in the Thinkfarm in 2014. 
The Thinkfarm is a coworking space that was created 2013 by the sinnwerkstatt, our partner media agency and a few other projects and people. 
There we work together with now 40 different eco-social projects - Really cool and inspiring people, doing great stuff. 

Solidarity Place means we dont have to pay rent for a desk, like all the others. But because we are cool and working on gift-economy we ...

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community networking

Networking Weekend

written by Arne Bollinger on 8 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 16:45 in ecobasa

My last weekend i was networking with communities from the german speaking ecovillage network ( and Longo Maï ( Founded in 1973 with anti-capitalist background, there are 10 communities in the Longo Mai network, mostly in France but also Ukraine, Germany, Swiss, Austria and Costa Rica. They are very interesting to us, because they already exchange products, volunteers and members between their communes! There was a discussion in the evening ...

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