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written by Arne Bollinger on 30 de Mayo de 2018 a las 13:52 in ecobasa

Today ecobasa's founder Arne was meeting two lovely people for a tcheque start-up creating a gift-economy platform with a mobile app.
We exchanged a lot of experiences, plans and strategies and agreed that we share the same vision and values and that we should collaborate as much as possible. Also of course we have similar approaches and challenges. They will discuss the topics of open-source and open-data so we can exchange data, of course only with the ...

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ecobasa at Move Utopia

written by Arne Bollinger on 6 de Julio de 2017 a las 23:07 in ecobasa

From the 21 - 25. June we were part of an utopian world, where we designed the present and future together with 1000 other utopians. This moneyfree, vegan, co-created encounter was full of workshops, open-spaces, permaculture, healing, creativity and art.

Living utopia means also that new relationships could come into being by transparently sharing needs and talents. This can be called moneyfree(er)-living, ecommony, commonism, gift economy or unconditional sharing. But beyond the terminology, this encounter was about experiencing this ...

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Networking Weekend

written by Arne Bollinger on 8 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 16:45 in ecobasa

My last weekend i was networking with communities from the german speaking ecovillage network ( and Longo Maï ( Founded in 1973 with anti-capitalist background, there are 10 communities in the Longo Mai network, mostly in France but also Ukraine, Germany, Swiss, Austria and Costa Rica. They are very interesting to us, because they already exchange products, volunteers and members between their communes! There was a discussion in the evening ...

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