escrito por LiliDavid en 8 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 16:51

Gifts for the Thinkfarm

We have been given a solidarity place in the Thinkfarm in 2014. 
The Thinkfarm is a coworking space that was created 2013 by the sinnwerkstatt, our partner media agency and a few other projects and people. 
There we work together with now 40 different eco-social projects - Really cool and inspiring people, doing great stuff. 

Solidarity Place means we dont have to pay rent for a desk, like all the others. But because we are cool and working on gift-economy we want to give something back in return for this great gift! We tend to cook and save food from for everyone, but today we had a special idea:

Beeing the little secret gifting elves that we are, we prepared some little tasks to spread around the desks in the farm.
It was nice little things from "call your mother and tell her that you love her" to "Smile to somebody that you don't know"

It was very well received and people kept talking about it to us about it weeks after what impact it had on their lifes.

It is a nice little idea you can copy to make your coworking space, community or project even a little bit nicer!