escrito por Arne Bollinger en 29 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 11:07

Mantra of Collective Intelligence

All that we do is a lot about trust, responsibility, collective intelligence and collaboration. This means collective leadership.

I dreamed that i should share this mantra with you. I wrote it after my first Communities-Convergence in Aurora community, Romania. After some community-building group experience.
Like every mantra you can repeat it to yourself over and over.
If you allow it, it will transform something in you and share its greater wisdom.

I trust myself in being a good leader. 
I trust and encourage others to tell me if i am not.
I trust my impulses to step out of leadership.
I trust and follow someone that inspires me.
I trust and encourage the leader to let me into leadership if i feel the impulse.
I trust myself to follow my impulse to be a leader.


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