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Soundjourney - a touching gift-experience

Our friends from Tagtraum are offering soundjourneys on a regular basis in Berlin. Based on a "free-price" they create much more than a service - deep moments, connections, relationships and community, well, things you can not buy. This amazing project shows all the magic of gift-economy, it's just priceless!
It's also the perfect gift that you can offer to a friend: either on his/her birthday, while visiting berlin or as a surprise on any normal day, making it a special day. Offering experiences can be much more rewarding and touching than stuff - try it and see for yourself! :)

For our "Month of Giving" campaign Tagtraum offered us a few CDs that we want to give-forward as a present to you! They have been recorded binaurally, so with your headphones on it's like you are lying there in the soundjourney and they are walking next to you playing the didgeridoo.
Like this, you can bring the experience in your homes, starting the new year in a relaxed, peaceful way. Or give it forward! 

Contact us and tell us you want a CD, you can pick it up in Berlin or give us your address and we will send it to you. Enjoy!

Our Month of Giving is a different kind of crowdfunding campaign: gift-economy style! So you get rewards, if you donate or not. If you like our gifts and our work in general, you can support us with a donation - that would make us very happy :) Supporting us is a sustainable investment: The growing gift-economy network will allow many gifts to flow freely in the future!

Happy giving!


Filming of the Soundjourney:
Victor Lauriolle, Janis Westphal, Johannes Oster

Interview: Arne Bollinger