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Sociocracy Course with James Priest

On the gift-basar we had a special guest: James Priest.
He told us how to use sociocracy, a gift that we want to share with you!

When we researched about organisational design and ways to structure a large international project like ours decentrally, we found sociocracy as the best approach to align with our values of transparency, openness, and collaboration, as well as allowing collective intelligence to take off. We found this is a really powerful tool that changes the way a group works, thinks and communicates. It transforms conventional projects to be more human and flexible and consensus based community projects more effective.

We wanted to share this magical complex approach with you for free, so here you can watch an online course we recorded with James after he gave us a 3 day long introduction workshop:

Please have in mind that usually it takes 3 days for all this information to really arrive and it takes a lot of practice until you really understand it! Also remember that it needs the whole sociocratic approach to work, not just a part of it, like consent decision making!
We also teach sociocracy in the beginning of a communities convergence, so the self-organisation and participation goes quicker and easier.
If you want to get into the ecobasa team, this is usefull to know, in order to understand what is going on. We can be really fast :)

We are a fractal organisation that connects all the different levels - from the bioregional networks to the international plattform. Also we are compatible with other projects and networks using sociocracy and we can just integrate as one of their circles :)

By now we are giving workshops in sociocracy all around the world, contact us if you are interested to try sociocracy in your project or community!