escrito por Arne Bollinger en 8 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 16:52

Making of the video

The making of our project explainer / crowdsourcing video was really exciting! This was something, that i wanted to do since years and it never happened. (Many script versions landed in the bin..) This time everything came together and especially our great team, for which i am very thankful! They are so lovely and competent people, it is amazing if the room is full with all of them :) Our media-partner the sinnwerkstatt media agency supported us with the making of the video: We could reuse some graphics that they made for the last greenpeace video (detox the supermarket). That's right: this is digital upcycling, my friend! I had a funny weekend, recording the music for the video, i wish i made a making of video :) These people worked on the video: Ian Delú: Filming and Supervision Julie Steinberg: Editing Boaz Balachsan: Animation and i did the rest :)