escrito por Arne Bollinger en 11 de Diciembre de 2015 a las 11:00

Gifts: Time instead of Stuff

Christmas is approaching, this special time of the year where giving gifts is part of our culture.
The german website wants to give alternative ideas for materialistic gifts. Instead of giving stuff, you can give somebody a nice time. This creates connections, happy feelings and less waste :) It is the most local and sustainable gift you can make! And spending quality time together is a really nice gift for both, the receiver and the giver.

From the website you can send vouchers by email, so it is not only a perfect last minute gift, but it gives you great inspirations on nice things you can make people around you happy with.

How about if we, instead of beeing limited to the time of Christmas (or birthdays), would integrate these nice acts of care into our daily life? It would certainly change the way we interact and think about things. Maybe we would work less, because we get so many gifts that we need less money? Or we would work less to have more time to give gifts?

Maybe you feel inspired to give it a try this Christmas, or even before, and tell us about your act of giving, so we can inspire other people with our "Month of Giving" campaign.