escrito por Arne Bollinger en 23 de Diciembre de 2015 a las 12:03

Gift-economy coffee shop

Our friends from Erste Sahne have a little coffee shop in the Schillerkietz in Berlin. 
We met them on our various events and last year they gave us vouchers for cakes at their place to support our gift-economy campaign.
This year we used some of the vouchers to invite some ecobasa supporters and friends for coffee and cake. Of course some of our team chose to pay for the next person who orders a coffee, so we started a suspended coffee chain. We got to know about their plans to use more gift-economy in their shop, so we wanted to share this inspiring example with you.

In our campaign "Month of Giving" we show portraits of people that give things in the gift-spirit as a sustainable alternative to capitalism and exploitation.
So, we could tell the world about your great actions for a better world! Have a look here to get some inspirations how you can participate. It's really easy!
We also turn crowdfunding around and give gifts everyday to everyone, if you donate or not :)
If you want to make a sustainable investment, that enables many more gifts to flow on our platform and events, please donate here

You can also support the gift-economy network with your time, we have many volunteering and learning opportunities!

And here is our gift for you: We still have some vouchers left over for a free cake in ErsteSahne, that we want to give forward to you. Contact us if you want one!