Communibee 1

Communibee 1

We are a single entity connected to a collective conciousness. We need our fellow communibees to collaborate with us to survive..
So we are flying between communities to cross-pollinate and bring new ideas and projects into their world. You are welcome to join us! We also have a bus!


  • thomas thomas
  • Arne Bollinger Arne Bollinger
    I love to connect the dots. I think systemically, like in permaculture. I lived without money for 6 months.
    I seem to have a lot of trust in me. I want to inspire others to trust in the world and other people again, only like this we can change the world! Trust is the basis for collective intelligence and a collective consciousness. Our next step in evolution.
    I feel connected, to my soul, to other people and to nature. Because of that i feel a natural responsibility towards everything, because if everything is connected in a way and is able to affect me, why should i hurt myself?
  • Delciza Naghiu Delciza Naghiu




  • gardening
  • writing
  • Qi Gong
  • food hunting (wild herbs)
  • creative solutions
  • cooking
  • juggling
  • Gift-economy community design
  • Natural Building
  • construcion
  • reparing
  • acrobatics
  • teaching
  • ecovillage design education
  • filmmaking
  • sociocracy
  • gardening
  • community building
  • cooking for groups
  • graphic-design
  • programming
  • musictherapy
  • improvisation
  • group faciliation
  • living without money
  • fundraising
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Non Violent Communication
  • permaculture
  • music
  • fotography
  • urban gardening
  • project management
  • music production
  • organising-revolutionary-events
  • heart-keeper
  • Newsletter
  • gift-circle
  • dragon dreaming
  • Sociocracy 3.0
  • Funding
  • organizing communities convergences
  • gift-economy
  • Non Violent Communication
  • NGOs
  • fundraising


  • awareness
  • music
  • delicious food
  • Logos
  • Businesscards
  • Flyers
  • ecovillage design education
  • sociocracy workshop
  • websites
  • deo
  • bookmarks with dry plants
  • upcycled wallets
  • deodorant
  • little books
  • Newsletters



  • small keyboard stand
  • camera lenses for Canon EF-S lens mount

Visitar estos lugares

Imagen Nombre Descripción Hora
Urban Communities Convergence 23 de Junio de 2014 a las 16:04 -
30 de Junio de 2014 a las 16:05
PAN 23 de Julio de 2014 a las 16:01 -
28 de Julio de 2014 a las 16:01
European Rainbow We are going to the european gathering of the rainbow family.
The gathering are also based on gift-economy and usually they work really well.
We consider ourselves as parts of this family and are happy about a reunion. A few people might join us there!
We want to set up the community-tours camp on the gathering, where we will host ...
27 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00 -
14 de Agosto de 2014 a las 00:00
Danube Convergence 1 de Septiembre de 2014 a las 16:06 -
7 de Septiembre de 2014 a las 16:06

Mensajes de blog

Country roads, take me home

written by Arne Bollinger on 25 de Agosto de 2014 a las 04:29

I am now on the road back "home" to berlin.
I just woke up from my dreams that were still related to the convergence.
People were cooking and i was asking if it is vegan and they said: 99%, but we put a bit of meat inside..
When i was analyzing the meaning, i was comming back to my key learning of the convergence:
Our actions always have an effect on others. We are not alone. There are other people ...

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More people for the convergence!

written by Arne Bollinger on 12 de Agosto de 2014 a las 00:00

Andrei and me where doing another announcement in the lunch circle, for a workshop that i wanted to do since i was starting the gift-economy thing. The "anything, anytime connection workshop". It is a funny wordplay, because in rainbows we say first time food and when there is plenty left "anytime". Whenever you are looking for anything, you just put connection after it and scream that. Usually you will get it immideatly.
We did a talking circle where we first ...

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Small garden work

written by Arne Bollinger on 4 de Agosto de 2014 a las 19:51

Today i built a compost for Delcis mom as they dont have any recycling or waste separation and a nice little garden.
I told her what she can put inside and how to take care of it. I had to make a little way so she can access it easy from the kitchen.
Therefor i had to tie up a big leafy bush with two recycled nylon stockings - very good material!
Delcis Mom also gave me some saint johns ...

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Sick in Brasov

written by Arne Bollinger on 2 de Agosto de 2014 a las 00:00

I went with Delci to Brasov to see her parents, as she only had a limited holiday time.
We went around the old city and it was cool for me to see where and how she grew up.
It was the first bigger city i saw in Romania and i was impressed by the beauty, as until now i was shocked at first by the look of everything, compared to western europe. In the last years apparently the city got ...

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On the Rainbow

written by Arne Bollinger on 30 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

We spent our first night on the rainbow. It is a very beautiful place in nature, like always on rainbow gatherings.
What was amazing was: Almost all the people we talked to already, that must have been around 20, where interested in community-life, self-organisation and gift-economy. Half of them is traveling right now between communities, has done so in the last months or wants to go on traveling. So i guess if we set up a community-tours camp here a ...

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Under the Rainbow

written by Arne Bollinger on 29 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

When we where driving into the first villages in romania, the sky started to get a little dark at one side.
One minute later we saw a beautiful rainbow all accross the sky while it was still really sunny, no sign of rain.
We where driving in the middle of a valley and the rainbow was perfectly over us, we could even see the ends of it to our sides! I was joking that we could stop now to ...

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The old Hungarian

written by Arne Bollinger on 28 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

Yesterday we spent the whole day driving through Austria and Hungary. We made a nice piqnique under a big tree on a big meadow and had a good nap in the shadow.
In the evening we stopped not far from the romanian border next to a nice river in Hungary. We were looking for the next place to spend the night and ended up on a little campground in the middle of a prestine forrest with tall birch trees and ...

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Leaving PAN with gifts

written by Arne Bollinger on 26 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

We gave a presentation about our project in front of the whole community. They really liked our ideas and approach and it was very close to their own vision. They also believed that they have a lot of experience and wisdom to share with other communities to be able to exist sufficiently as a community in a gift-economy.
They already practice gift-economy internally of course and they are looking forward to exchange more with other communities.
When we asked if ...

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In the kingdom of PAN

written by Delciza Naghiu on 25 de Julio de 2014 a las 19:25

As we found out in the last 2 days spent here, Pan is not only the god of the wild, shepherds, goats, mountain wilds and companion of the nymphs, but also a very nice project in the middle of all of these. We were heartly welcomed although it was very short notice that we come and have lived in the last 2 days in luxurious conditions (own room with shower), had great food from the garden and received a nice ...

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PAN Review

written by Arne Bollinger on 25 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

I heard a lot about PAN. I met Emanuel, who grew up in the community in Schloss Tempelhof about a year ago. He told amazing things about his community and i was very curious if he is just lacking comparison to other communities or if it is really that amazing.
Well, my expectations were exceeded. It is truly incredible what they built there in the high forrest of Austria.
Apparently they had a good hand and timing with business too, ...

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Gardeners wanted

written by Arne Bollinger on 24 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

In our first day at PAN we were taken to the fields right away in the morning, together with a large part of the community.
We were going all together on the back of a tractor trailer.
We were sent in a potato field to pick some potato bugs that were eating the mono culture.
Thomas our newest Caravan member had a good tip to speed up the work: Shake the whole plants inside a bucket and the bugs ...

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PAN replies

written by Arne Bollinger on 22 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

I wrote to Emanuel who i met on the GEN Germany foundation meeting who was born and grew up in the PAN ecovillage.
We where really worried because it was a last second notice, this is his reply:
Hallo Arne!

Echt lustig, hab grad Mittag noch an dich gedacht und schon stehst du quasi vor der Tür... freu mich echt, dass ihr kommt!
Ja, genau, ihr seid herzlichst willkommen morgen bei uns und eingeladen zumindest mal bis Dienstag zu bleiben ...

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written by Arne Bollinger on 21 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

We finally bought our bus today!
By surprise we got the news at a festival near Berlin on the weekend, that we can buy a bus from Fabi. He is a not only the coolest guy in the world, but also a car mechanic, so we can trust him that the bus is in a good shape.
In a total frenzy we had to get insurance, papers and plates for the car in one day! That in germany is usually ...

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