In the north west coast of Sardinian Island, we keep a permanent workshop on sustainable lifestyle models development, each one teach one style. We are building more straw/clay houses, tree houses, bush-nests, synergic gardens, food forests, landart installations, we run 24h indo-mediterranean kitchen, 24 h Mollison Yoga. Materials are organic and local, people and knowledge from all over. Full immersion into nature, with beaches on walkin distance .

Lo que trae a esta comunidad

Love for a different world is the connector, counting all creation in the bill, with underwater and underground and flying life too. Not only many individual process but a collective move into the new civilization.


¿Qué se puede aprender aquí

  • survival-skills
  • Garden-planning
  • Soil-maintainence
  • Creative Resistance
  • Biostructures
  • shared economy
  • massage
  • direct action
  • Natural-Building
  • Permaculture
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  • permaculture design
  • Bio-Construction
  • Composting
  • roadtrip
  • musicequipment
  • india
  • Deep ecology
  • volunteer work
  • Design-Thinking
  • survival-skills
  • next culture thoughtware upgrades
  • ancestral wisdom
  • design
  • Workshop ueber Biogarten
  • cooking
  • beach
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Productos y Creaciones

  • Artwork
  • architecture
  • Vegetables
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Necesidades especiales

Social engineering diggers , strategy makers, secret revealers, smile makers, love producers, strawberry cakes professionals.