Located at the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania and integrated in a region with a rich historical context, Aurora Community is an intentional, eco-spiritual community and a learning center actively working to be an example for a low impact lifestyle on the ecosystems of the planet spreading a more simple way of living, with grace, beauty and meaning, a healing space for reconnection with nature, permaculture practices and a lighthouse for community building and sustainable practices in the region and abroad.

All of the members have a similar story to tell. A story of life and personal transformation downshifting from the comforts of the city to the simplicity of the countryside and a more connected lifestyle with Nature, moved by the Love for life and the will to preserve it, supported by a longing for a new humanity on Earth, awakening from a long deep sleep to an new consciousness and a heart relationship with the Planet.

Working for self-sufficiency and sustainability at the economical, social, ecological and cultural levels, the community has a common daily practice of meditation and yoga and is moved by a deep sense of individual and collective healing through the transcendence of the “I” and the “Mine”, offering its work in service for the common good.


¿Qué se puede aprender aquí

  • Yoga
  • cooking vegetarian
  • Garden-planning
  • Eco-construction
  • indoor-food-production
  • common life
  • Permaculture
  • Community-Building
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  • indoor-food-production
  • volunteer work
  • Gardening
  • Permaculture-Workshop
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Productos y Creaciones

  • local fruit gam
  • tea
  • DIY garden furniture
  • seeds
  • healthy tasty bread
  • workshops
  • working with plants - recognize
  • medicinal herbs
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Proyectos/Sitios de Construcción

Projects for 2015:

Tool Shed,
Yoga Deck,
Summer Kitchen (extension)
Green House
Gates & Reconstruction of fence

We need building tools. All the building tools that you can imagine:

Router Saw
Sickle Mower
Topographic mapping instruments
Working gloves
Screws and nails - ALL SIZES
Electric cable
Shade cloth
Concrete Mixer
Mitre Saw
Orbital Sander

Expertos / Las personas con las siguientes habilidades

  • stone masonry
  • arborist - tree expert
  • natural-building
  • roof-construction


  • Rapid Spetzial
  • Mini Tractor
  • Sawmeel
  • Scaffolding

Información adicional sobre los herramientas

Necesidades especiales

We need someone that can help us with the trees. There are a lot of fruit trees and wild trees that we don't know how to take care of them.

We also need someone in constructions. Roofs, fences, decks, interior refurbishing, someone that likes to play with tools and get dirty.