geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 11. Januar 2016 16:58:32

What a year!

We just come out of an ecobasa community-time in the Black Forrest with new team members, ideas, projects and inspirations.
Before sharing the good news with you, we thought it is a good time to look back on the last year.

In 2015 we dedicated a lot of love, time, thought and resources into ecobasa which will always remain free. If you found any joy and inspiration in our work, please consider supporting us with a donation!

So here is some of what we did in 2015:

  • Launch of the new website in July
  • ecobasa was translated into Spanish
  • 317 new users and 46 new communities registered in 6 months
  • 757 new likes on facebook
  • We launched our youtube channel
    • We filmed and cutted 4 videos
    • We linked 61 videos and 7 channels in 10 playlists
  • We co-organized 2 communities-convergences in Portugal and Spain
  • We hosted 4 public events with radical new formats in and around Berlin like the Gift of Seeds, Gift-auctions and the Giftmob
  • Members of our core team visited 13 communities to make gift-exchange and to plug them into the network
  • We presented the gift-economy network at the Transition-Town Conference, close to Todnes
  • We networked heavily at the conference of the Global Ecovillage Network in Findhorn, Scotland
  • 6 amazing people joined our team
  • Month of Giving - Every day of December we gave gifts: CD's, e-books, radio-shows, and wrote inspiring articles and movies about gift-economy projects
  • We had a 10 minutes interview in Germany's biggest radio on prime-time
  • Received donations: 1.498€ from 15 people
  • Arne and Delci quit their awesome jobs to focus their time and energy on their heart project: ecobasa

We work towards a better future on this planet with a very concrete strategy. For this we need your help! Please support us with a donation, so we can pay our bills. 

We are looking forward to another awesome year and with your support, we can do even greater things!

Happy 2016,
Your ecobasa team

PS: Your donations are the true gift-economy fuel to build up a world wide community that can be a true alternative to exploitation and consumerism. To transition from the current system to a culture of trust and support we need your help. Together we can do great things!