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Volunteering in Sieben Linden, Germany

Stay in one of Germanys oldest ecovillages Sieben Linden for 8 months for free from March to October 2020. Volunteers will have health-insurance, full board and lodging covered, travel-expenses reimbursed and they will receive an amount of 5 Euro pocket-money per day.

Each volunteer has two different working areas with different main focus (please apply for your favorite):

  1. sustainable food (25h/week) OR
  2. sustainable education (25h/week) *
  3. + Individual projects (7,5h/week - free choice)

Allocation of working hours to tasks and working areas can vary, e.g. a whole week could be taken for project work, reducing project time during otherweeks. Volunteers work a maximum of two weekends per month in the kitchen or guest department. They get two consecutive days off during the week for every weekend that they work. Some volunteers actually like this arrangement because it gives the option to place free days adjacent to another weekend resulting in 4 consecutive days off without using up any holidays. Volunteers have 2 days holidays per month.

More info here:

If interested, please contact our head of volunteer coordination Freundeskreis Ökodorf e.V.: