geschrieben von Delciza Naghiu am 19. Dezember 2014 17:14:27

The magic of unconditional giving

Last week we experienced the magic of unconditional giving during the Gift Bazar at the Sharehaus Berlin. We had lots of gifts to give away, a big brunch, a short presentation of the project and a Gift Economy Auction in the end. We received a lot of gifts from ecobasa supporters and gave them forward. There are still some left and we want to offer them to those of you who are in Berlin. Just ask and you shall receive, without conditions! We have coupons for a coffee and a cake in a café from Erste Sahne (Berlin, Neuköln), Cherimoya seeds, handmade upcycled gift boxes, a coupon to paint a wall in your room/apartment offered by Lumi and lots of books and clothes. Feel free to ask for any of the gifts, for you or for a dear one! Send your wishes in a letter to Santa Lili: If you want to give something back to us, we welcome any contribution you enjoy to share! Our wish-list is here: Happy giving, dear people!