geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 9. April 2020 14:33:57

Sponsored by Corona: A new startpage and features!

ecobasa has been a sleeping beauty the last years. Mainly because I was in baby break and could not even coordinate the volunteer requests aside my different day jobs.
As now in the crisis a few jobs have been cancelled I also have time and dedication to continue this amazing project!
It has been time for a fresh startpage that explains the main features quickly and raises more attention to our search function that enables you to crowdsource everything you need from our gift-economy network. Of course you can also look for communities, users and blog-articles there.

Especially in times of social distancing and isolation you might ask yourself who else is outthere that shares your ideas on how to change the world and even more how to contact these people. I think that here on ecobasa we have quite a bunch of smart and dedicated people that want to create a new culture on this planet, and the whole idea of this platform was to bring you amazing people together, ideally in communities, beeing urban or rural to create oasises of abundance. Well as of now the platform was pretty good at bringing together people and communities, but what about the over 1000 users that mainly don't live in communities yet? Well it is time for you to find each other :) Now more than ever.

On you can now find the amazing ecobasa map populated with locations of our gift-economy pioneers. Well for now that is only me, I feel like a true pioneer :D All alone on that world map.. That is because until now we only had countries and their codes in the profiles, but no exact location. If you edit your profile now you can supply an adress or nearby address and move the marker to wherever in the woods you are located.
This is really great if you want to be picked up by a community-tour for example or you want to be contacted by other members to start a regional gift-economy network in your area or to join or visit their community, because you might have the skills or personality that they are missing. Don't forget to add skills to your profile too, because they can be found in ecobasa's mighty search engine or in the list view of

And yeah a word on the headline: Whatever drives this crazy measurements in this time, it is even more clear that we have a fragile economy and we need to create direct access to real sustainable ressources for as many people as possible. To me sustainable self-sufficient or even better abundant communities are the answer, that produce more food than they need and they can freely share it with neighbors, visitors and partners in a network free from exchange logic. Also integrating ourselves again in a sustainable ecosystem that is self-balancing with all its diversity of micro organisms things like viruses can not spread and mutate so easily, also healthy immune systems with lots of fresh vitamin supply make it less of a menace. With intergenerational inclusion we can supply elderly and they dont need to even go shopping while having even more meaningful social contact.

I think the time is ready for our network to grow even more resilient, bigger and be more seen in the mainstream. We have solutions here, but we need you to be part of the change. Let's not wait for the system to crash, but lets build a new one that can not crash so easily!

Happy giving!