geschrieben von Delciza Naghiu am 8. Dezember 2014 16:42:59

Gift-economy: a love story

It’s never too late to wake up. Wake up one day and realize that money is completely overvalued. You know those moments when you stand in front of a burning candle, which is deeply rooted into a colorful sweet friends-made cake and people around you tell: make a wish! Or those moments when you reach for the coin, before throwing it into the fountain of the castle? What is it that you wish for?? I would love to know…But if you feel comfortable, I can make the first step: lately I just wish for one thing: Happiness And then naturally you wonder: What do I need to feel happy? Friends, love, adventure, a meaningful purpose in life, music and loads of magic. None of which can be bought (or at least lose a lot of value, if done so). The day I woke up, I realized that this applies to much more than this! What did I always want to learn: guitar, juggling, Portuguese, how to free my voice, cooking sushi, different massage techniques, driving a bus, permaculture, names of trees…And guess what? I can do it all without money! What a relief, as there is nothing that stands in my way to fulfilling my dreams. The other important aspect is: What do I have to give? Good vibes, optimism, deep listening, love, food knowledge, language skills, fundraising tips...We all have gifts to give and finding out which are these is as exciting as receiving others. Wishing you all a great time on your giftventure! Delci