geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 4. Dezember 2015 11:40:03

Gift: Big Book of Tiny Homes

During our #MonthOfGiving‬ we will not only report about your giftings, but also give away gifts on every other day!
These gifts are unconditional, but of course we would be very happy if you would support us and our work, because your gifts keep us giving!
Today we have for you a free big book about Tiny Homes, that you can build yourself or with the help from some volunteers on 
Enjoy the read!

Free housing is a good start and almost requirement for a life in gift-ecomomy. If you don't have running costs and/or debth you don't need to ask for money and you don't need to work in an unfulfilling job. The techniques and examples in this book give you a good idea how to start this. You can always look for experts here on ecobasa that would be happy to help you. You can just ask questions or invite them directly to help you. You can search for "building" to see who has this listed as skill on their profile.

Happy building!