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A gift from Nils - Yoga Lesson for Ecobasa

Nils Jacob is one of the initiators of in the early stages of the project.
Although not part of the team anymore, he wanted to give his support by donating the money he was donated for one of his Yoga classes to ecobasa. Thank you, Nils!

We encourage you to discover your special gifts and super-powers, share them freely, and invite the receiving person to give money back to our network.
Everyone has something to offer that other people value. Can you repair things? Do you know your way around computers? Do you like cooking for others?

You are invited to join our campaign with all your knowledge and skills. 
*if you want to know more about our campaign, watch our short video on the startpage 

Our campaign continues, any contribution matters!
Here you find out exactly what we need the money for:

Donate here (no extra charges involved) 

Happy giving!