Permakultur Aktion Tour

Permakultur Aktion Tour

---------I DO NOT HAVE A BUS----------

I travel for 7 years through las americanas..from Vancouver all the way down to Panama City by land(Mexico 2.5 Years), Guatemala, Niccaragua, Costa Rica half Year, now Panama...inbetween California, Montreal Europe...Many parts I hitchhike even twice and always work with communities along the way...I guess I hitch around 30000 km at this point:-) 2013 bin ich 6 Monate mit einer Pferdekarawane gereist(20 Menschen und 20 Pferde:-), eine der grössten reisenden Communities, die ich kennen und lieben lernen durfte:-) I want to be able to come back to Germany and help the process of transformation there. I do own 2 big Yurts ( one Legion and one Explorer...the Explorer is my "house" and the Legion "OUR" Living room. This GOME system is the best to travel with a bus and be able to hold workshopspace EVERYwhere or And support tribal living/ nomadic/ gypsy...whatever u call it...Life in a a very good way.

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I want to come to Germany around June this year and I am looking for someone/somebus/some small group who wants to manifest a beautiful tour through DLand, Skandinvien, Poland, Tschek, and Romania Croatia eventually more east...depends in the end of the vision of the manifesting group. To spread community awareness, Nutritionworkshop, Heart Song Circles, Kirtan, Living off the grid, alternative building, Permaculture Design(I accomplish my PermacultureDesignCourse May 2014), Holding Sacred fire and healing Space in Transformational festivals, Soundhealing, Yoga , Meditation and work with all kinds of plant medicinas:-) WHOever feels a call to connect and COcreate on that vision. I would really need a Bus. I do not have any more "Base" in Germany and not using my bank for quite a while. Living good life in centralamerica. Working fruitfarms and not using Money much. I would love to come back and share what I learned, and only want to stay for 2-4 Month(end April/May- Juli/August) depending on what the vision will look like.

---------I DO NOT HAVE A BUS----------

Love Light Om Namaste Boom!:-)




  • Yoga
  • Guitar
  • alternative healing
  • plants
  • sacred firekeeper
  • raw vegan slow food chef
  • Carpenter
  • soundhealing
  • organizing peace gatherings
  • trading
  • Djambe
  • providing space for workshops/vendors and More
  • healthy living
  • Trumpet
  • Movement


  • Jewelery
  • Gome Yurts (Explorer Clan Legion Tribe)
  • Plant tinktur Making
  • and all I am that I am that I am:-)



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