Mini tour to "Kulturelle Landpartie im Wendland"

Who is interested to visit some communities in "Wendland"?
We are planning to go there
from Thursday 21st or Friday, the 22nd until Monday, the 25th of May
during the cultural festival "Kulturelle Landpartie".
There is no bus yet, but we are three people so far.
Any interested people are welcome to join and any vehicles welcome to transport us ; )


  • Anni Anni
  • Arne Bollinger Arne Bollinger
    I love to connect the dots. I think systemically, like in permaculture. I lived without money for 6 months.
    I seem to have a lot of trust in me. I want to inspire others to trust in the world and other people again, only like this we can change the world! Trust is the basis for collective intelligence and a collective consciousness. Our next step in evolution.
    I feel connected, to my soul, to other people and to nature. Because of that i feel a natural responsibility towards everything, because if everything is connected in a way and is able to affect me, why should i hurt myself?
  • Delciza Naghiu Delciza Naghiu




  • Yoga
  • gardening
  • horses
  • organising workshops
  • social work
  • translation English German Spanish
  • vegetarian cooking
  • arts and crafts
  • promotion of events
  • moderation
  • youth programs
  • deco
  • juggling
  • Gift-economy community design
  • Natural Building
  • construcion
  • reparing
  • acrobatics
  • teaching
  • ecovillage design education
  • filmmaking
  • sociocracy
  • gardening
  • community building
  • cooking for groups
  • graphic-design
  • programming
  • musictherapy
  • improvisation
  • group faciliation
  • living without money
  • fundraising
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Non Violent Communication
  • permaculture
  • music
  • fotography
  • urban gardening
  • project management
  • music production
  • organising-revolutionary-events
  • heart-keeper
  • Newsletter
  • gift-circle
  • dragon dreaming
  • Sociocracy 3.0
  • Funding
  • organizing communities convergences
  • gift-economy
  • Non Violent Communication
  • NGOs
  • fundraising


  • clothes
  • bracelet
  • dreamcatcher
  • music
  • delicious food
  • Logos
  • Businesscards
  • Flyers
  • ecovillage design education
  • sociocracy workshop
  • websites
  • deo
  • bookmarks with dry plants
  • upcycled wallets
  • deodorant
  • little books
  • Newsletters



  • small keyboard stand
  • camera lenses for Canon EF-S lens mount

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