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Soundjourney - a touching gift-experience

written by Delciza Naghiu on 27. Dezember 2015 15:43:43 in ecobasa

Our friends from Tagtraum are offering soundjourneys on a regular basis in Berlin. Based on a "free-price" they create much more than a service - deep moments, connections, relationships and community, well, things you can not buy. This amazing project shows all the magic of gift-economy, it's just priceless!
It's also the perfect gift that you can offer to a friend: either on his/her birthday, while visiting berlin or as a surprise on any normal day, making it ...

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sociocracy dragon-dreaming Month of Giving gift

Gift: Dragon Dreaming e-book

written by Arne Bollinger on 21. Dezember 2015 09:59:36 in ecobasa

Dragon Dreaming is a set of sustainable project management tools for groups and communities. We use parts of it in our events and in our teams.

Some people volunteered to make a digital booklet, that explains you the concepts. It has just recently been updated in 6 languages and we are happy to share this great gift with you:
Here are different versions:

We like ...

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gift-economy video Month of Giving gift

Community-Tours: a gift-economy experience

written by Arne Bollinger on 15. Dezember 2015 09:53:06 in ecobasa

In 2014 we organized some Community-Tours between two Communities-Convergences in order to test the concepts as a prototype, to collect more feedback and add improvements and to document everything to show you how it looks like and how you can organise it yourself.

This is a little documentary that we cut together. We will take you with us on our Summer 2014 through the gift-economy communities we visited. Very inspiring places and people! 
It is not really finished, as there ...

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Month of Giving gift

Gifts: Time instead of Stuff

written by Arne Bollinger on 11. Dezember 2015 11:00:51 in ecobasa

Christmas is approaching, this special time of the year where giving gifts is part of our culture.
The german website wants to give alternative ideas for materialistic gifts. Instead of giving stuff, you can give somebody a nice time. This creates connections, happy feelings and less waste :) It is the most local and sustainable gift you can make! And spending quality time together is a really nice gift for both, the receiver and the giver ...

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Month of Giving gift radio

Gift: Bioneers Radio

written by Arne Bollinger on 10. Dezember 2015 13:06:15 in ecobasa

We have been gifting books and films, in regards to our radiointerview yesterday, we give you a radioshow around sustainability:
Bioneers Radio is combining social innovation, leading edge science and indiginous and traditional knowledge, creating a future environment of hope.

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video gift

Gift: The Red Pill

written by Arne Bollinger on 9. Dezember 2015 11:02:43 in ecobasa

This gift is a strong one. It is like the red pill from the movie the matrix. It summarizes very well some urgent aspects of our reality that really make sense changing.
It just makes sense that YOU change them. Be the change you want to see, the choice is yours!

Here on ecobasa we provide the tools to start living a different life or to be better off and connected to other sustainable communities, if you are already living ...

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sociocracy gift

Sociocracy Course with James Priest

written by Arne Bollinger on 19. Dezember 2014 20:05:38 in ecobasa

On the gift-basar we had a special guest: James Priest.
He told us how to use sociocracy, a gift that we want to share with you!

When we researched about organisational design and ways to structure a large international project like ours decentrally, we found sociocracy as the best approach to align with our values of transparency, openness, and collaboration, as well as allowing collective intelligence to take off. We found this is a really powerful tool that changes the ...

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gift-economy Month of Giving gift

Gift: Sacred Economics ebook

written by Delciza Naghiu on 11. Dezember 2014 00:42:21 in ecobasa

We are running a different kind of crowdfunding campaign: gift-economy style! So instead of bribing donors with rewards, we depend on your unconditional support.
BUT we also give away GIFTS FOR EVERYONE, not just our donors!

So here it is, a true gift: a wonderful book of Charles Eisenstein to download for free. Its of courseabout gift-economy but also much more that goes philosophically and personally deep!

ebook, zipped 

And here it might even be in your native language ...

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