written by Andrei Iuroaia on July 23, 2014, midnight

Community travellers gathering - near Wemding, south Germany

After the GEN Conference we split into caravans and smaller groups. I am part of one that traveled first to an organic antroposophic family farm in Mecklemburg 2 hours north of Berlin and afterwards we traveled again to Berlin and onward south to Bavaria where we had more cars and buses waiting for us. Organization and planning are needed but without flexibility and adaptation the flow stops. In Bavaria close to Wemding we prepared the new vehicles took some gifts and coordinated a bit for the tour before splitting of from the communibees caravan and soon after joined a 4 day gathering of people interested in community and sustainability focused lifestyles. many of them were nomads or semi nomads and so we exchanged a lot of opportunities information, skills, meaningful objects but also recipes, songs, stories and friendship. More passengers hopped on board while we wishes the other buses farewell and invited them to spread the community-tours concept wherever they go! And on we went southwards... to Slovenia.