written by Patrizia Callozzo on Jan. 5, 2017, 10:46 a.m.

A call to join an ecovillage in the south of Italy

This is a calling from the south of Italy:

We are an ecovillage called Giardino della Gioia, that would like to become a comunity. There is already enough structure to host 10 people, we have 3 yurts, 1 straw house, 1 caravan, 1 tipi, a draft of tree house, 4 compost toilets, a kitchen, a meditation circus and a bathroom with sauna, but right now we are just two! All is built with natural material and with the principles of permaculture. We live in an olive garden in a National Park in front of the Adriatic cost (800m walk), the energetic line of San Michele pass through this area, and you can feel it. We consider this place as a healing place, that invites us to work on the awakening of consciousness and to work on yourself.

This project has a lot of potential, but needs energy to evolve.

In this 6 years many people have given their energy and together we worked to try to find new concepts for relationships, based on trust and transparency. We believe in gift economy when it is possible, the comunity provides the basic things, the rest is left to a private creativity. We try to be self sufficient and we make courses in the summer. We have solar panels where we get all our energy, a solar kitchen and we have a well for the water, though it is a little bit salty and we take drinkable water from the city, 16 km from us.

We try to create awareness amongst people around us, such as the environmental problems, cleaning the beach each summer and we also try to produce as less garbage as possible in our daily lifes. We like to do yoga and meditation but we are not stuck on a specific but are open to try different techniques. We believe in the way of the circle to share and take decisions and we are also try to introduce sociocracy and we would like to work on emotions with the forum.

We try to live life with healthy values without drugs and alchool (there is a smoking area for transition) we are vegetarian almost vegan.

This is what ,we have achieved until now, all the rest we will develop together.

The ecovillage need to be lived everything is here, waiting for you and your energy.