written by Delciza Naghiu on Oct. 12, 2014, midnight

Bamboo canes

In tribodar the working week is being planned on Saturdays. Sunday and Monday are eco-building days, followed by garden-work days. In the field of eco-building, Moabi and Gennaro told us which are the current projects and each of us could choose an activity. I was part of the bamboo cane-team, as I was curious how the bamboo grows, how you cut it without damaging the plant and how you prepare it for use in constructions. The picture shows the last step: the cleaning of the bamboo cane, which is a very meditative activity. What I learned while cutting the canes, is that you should cut just above ground level or trim the stump flush after removing the cane. This way, there is no receptacle in which rainwater can collect. Stagnant rainwater in the culm may cause rot and could weaken the bamboo plant system. After cleaning the bamboo canes, we used them for building the new learning center. Others worked at repairing the kitchen-roof, which was a much appreciated activity, as these days were very rainy. Another team was in charge of cutting and storing wood for construction and other 2 people were needed for taking down some green roofs from spaces used temporarily for the Tribojam festival (www.tribodar.com/en/tribojam/home).