written by Arne Bollinger on Oct. 7, 2014, 7:36 p.m.

Back to my roots

The first station of our tour was my parents place, where i grew up. Not really a community, but i guess my ideas for this project must have their roots here also.. My father always had a nice garden and over the years it grew bigger and bigger, all around the house. The neighbors actually gave their land to him to expand his kingdom of eadible goods and beauty. Since i know him he is always cooking marmelades, hot sauce, and pickles. He made vinegar and was recycling the wax rests of all the restaurants in the village to make new candles. Obciously we had more of all of this stuff, than we could possibly eat, and soon all the storage spaces where full.. So he was giving them as gifts to everyone on every occasion. It was a very nice and personal way to give rhanks for a favor. Because people liked his products he also got lots of favors from a lot of people all the time! Whem i announced that we will arrive with 6 people they where a bit suprised, but just a bit, because the already know me :) it was the first time that i brought them into contact wirh the people and projects that i always tell about. It was nice to see that they seemed to have a great time too, not only their guests who where as redicilously spoiled as i am usually. My mother baked vegan chocolate muffins with nuts, bought bread, prepared a gigantic breakfast and cooked a curry with vegies from the garden fror the road. My dad packed us baskets full with vegetables, nuts and fruit. I was sceptical how to get all of this in the bus. We also got 2 people more, who were hitchhiking from cologne and wanted to join the tour. We decided to wait for them. It turned out that one of them, carlos, knew stefan from a horse caravan in mexico, where they rode together, visiting communities for 6 months. Crazy small world..