written by Delciza Naghiu on July 25, 2014, 7:25 p.m.

In the kingdom of PAN

As we found out in the last 2 days spent here, Pan is not only the god of the wild, shepherds, goats, mountain wilds and companion of the nymphs, but also a very nice project in the middle of all of these. We were heartly welcomed although it was very short notice that we come and have lived in the last 2 days in luxurious conditions (own room with shower), had great food from the garden and received a nice tour of the private school, workshops area and the garden. There we also worked today, cleaning up the beds of carrots, pumpkins and beet roots. Before that we had a community action in the morning: freeing the potato leaves from potato bugs, which then served as lunch for the pigs. And, because we couldn't get enough of working, Arne, Thomas and i also helped with picking basilicum leaves for making pesto. Through all these activities we had contact to a big part of the community, so that i can already say: the people here are great! There is a fresh energy, lots of young people, curious and open and a community eager to grow and inviting. I feel good here and could imagine staying longer. Unfortunately, on sunday morning we have to go but until then a whole new day is awaiting!