still 2 Go 2Gether eco (starting project(s:-)  tours 2016,2017

still 2 Go 2Gether eco (starting project(s:-) tours 2016,2017

connecting friends with land and learn from them by helping / visiting.

! networking ! looking for places to participate there or in the area.
tour 0 (explore set up base camp (s) networking

Winter 2015-2016 /Spring

North europe & possible also another tour in the south (but that one i dont manage ! only help where possible !

Focus on ! smaller area's ! tour

tour 1a (AUTUMN 2016);
15 september 2016 - 15 november 2016 south FRANCE - North SPAIN

tour 1b (WINTER 2016-2017): 15 november 2016 - 10 march 2017
PORTUGAL north -center AND south spain.

PLANNING asia tour 2 months Nepal (north india)

SUMMER 2017 North europe

Last tour 2: WINTER 2016-2017;
15 december 2016 - 10 march 2017

2018 january welcome at our new SECOND winter Nomad place in the world somewhere !
do you know also more places ? suggestions

do you have 1-2 weeks time, give us a message then 3-4 weeks before ! thanks.
even if you like to meet us for 2-3 days.

connected with the gift (economy) society

and please spread the word of this event on your profile/groups

(welcome there now already) know a forrest in souh france
from other friend (s) with eco dome s in south spain 5 hectares they are looking for managers volunteers partipants

and our own base is in north lower austria

Nieder Osterreich 80-90 north west of vienna; beautifull national park there border of czech
i am still looking for house sitters there (7-8 months a year starting from October 2015 - June 2016

see also


  • teun teun
    Im a red planetary skywalker in human shape! Creating heaven on earth where I go..
  • Serge Serge
  • kamiel79 kamiel79
  • b5141975 b5141975
    i am dutch, living summer times in a Perma Nomad base (land house) in north lower austria
  • Levi Brown Levi Brown
    I am a traveling Dutchy exploring Europe by bike. looking for fun and good people to meet and awesome things to do and of course enjoy beautiful sceneries, have great adventures and learn as much as I can :)

    I love traveling and exploring new places and meeting new people from different cultures and learn as much as I can such as language, customs, local recipes and tasting local beers/wines etc :)

    other interests/ things I enjoy are:
    Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Partying, relaxing , reading, drawing and (graphic/web) design, cooking, organice gardening/farming, general healthy living, natural buildings and many many other stuff :P
  • Rowena Brandt Rowena Brandt
  • veronique Van den Meersschaut veronique Van den Meersschaut
    Hello, i am a girl who is intrested in permaculture and living close to nature with nature, i have no job and have no money and want live happy like that, i love to learn about sustainability, building houses, spirituality and i love to do art,


This bus still needs a driver!



  • I can do ceremonies with medicinal plants
  • All kind of things
  • Depends on what the person want to learn and is ready to learn :P
  • computers
  • philosophy
  • translation
  • websites
  • camps
  • organising
  • events
  • and
  • other
  • CSS
  • Gardening
  • HTML
  • Permaculture
  • Talking
  • Translation
  • WordPress
  • graphic-design
  • healing
  • internet
  • low cost touring
  • meditation
  • photography
  • reiki
  • small space gardening (bottle towers etc)
  • urban gardening
  • webdesign
  • art expression
  • cooking
  • drawing/painting
  • meditation
  • spiritual
  • vegan cooking
  • yoga


  • I
  • Ofcourse
  • can...
  • Websites
  • drawings
  • gardening
  • illustrations
  • massage
  • meditation
  • photography
  • posters
  • signs
  • stickers
  • t-shirts
  • Looooove
  • Songs
  • and all I am that I am that I am:-)
  • delicious food
  • drawings
  • freedom
  • painting
  • smiles



Visiting these Places

Image Name Description Time
Perma Habinger sharing a land house
Dec. 11, 2015, midnight -
Jan. 1, 2026, midnight
first project friends helping west of the serra da estrela, portugal; Do you like to help (us) there now already, or with me between 7 february - 11 february ? help in the garden (making swales), its turning out to be so much FUN!! We are very excited to see it all 'connect' Feb. 7, 2016, 3:11 p.m. -
Feb. 11, 2016, 3:11 p.m.
greenbus greenbus Farm sitter wanted at least first two weeks of next year. Pref with own live in vehicle or caravan. Possibility to arrive before and stay longer. I could be here for some of that but may need to be in Lisbon for a few days. Animal handling experience essential.

and also
2 other projects ...
Feb. 28, 2016, midnight -
March 3, 2016, midnight
Meeting in Germany about the tour Meeting in Germany about the tour we going to meet each other some of us,
who are interested

in the tour
and also want to emigrate perhaps, to a community in the near future

in south germany

one week later i will be there also
in near munchen or near the bodensee
May 27, 2016, midnight -
May 30, 2016, midnight