West european november tour

Hi, I'm aiming to visit some communities in the south of France, then travel to Tamera, Portugal.
Beginning the 15th of November ending around the 15th of december. I planed to see some communities on the road, but I'm still open to creativity, suggestions...

I'm realising a movie documentary, so I'll do a reportage also. I intend to spread wide a new spirituality, a natural and non-dogmatic one.
See my profile for more info.
I'm also starting a community project in France...

my languages are : French / English
2 persons can come...



  • b5141975 b5141975
    i am dutch, living summer times in a Perma Nomad base (land house) in north lower austria
  • gabriel.te gabriel.te
    I'm realising a film about Europe. What is the goal of Europe? What is it, spiritually speaking?
    I'm beginning a trip from France, through Spain till Portugal to visit communities, ecological projects, healers, transitions...




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