Vision Caravan

The Caravan aims to
* inspire, encourage and spread existing and emerging visions and ideas for a sustainable future
* share skills and knowledge in the areas of community and peace-building, technology, economics, ecology, the arts, to name a few
look for solutions to pressing problems in a systemic and holistic way
* foster friendships and networks in real time with real people, to listen and to share.


  • phrygia phrygia
  • Nicola Harder Nicola Harder
  • Paul Free Paul Free
    my name is Paul. I started not a long time ago trying to create a life I was always dreaming for. Where it all started is hard to tell. But all I know is, that it started with starting to ask myself very simple and basic questions like.

    What do I want for my life?
    In what kind of world do I want to life?
    How can I come closer to these dreams?

    Nothing much was clear, but what I was knowing was: I want to travel. Traveling to free my self more aswell as trying to understand why the world is how the world is. I’ve quiet my flat, gave my car away and quiet my job. A backpack was all I need. Not that I was unhappy with my life before. I was just knowing there’s so much more to see.

    I'm living since 2014 free of money and active in creating/supporting networks of unconditional sharing.




  • music
  • permaculture
  • singing
  • small space gardening (bottle towers etc)
  • rocket stoves
  • small scale technology
  • regenerative archtitecture
  • solar ovens
  • dancing
  • collaborative communication
  • building
  • permaculture


  • (em)
  • microorganisms
  • effective
  • possible
  • anything
  • is



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