In a traditional Romanian village called Stanciova — population 350, western part of Romania, we found our home.
The story began around 1999, with an Ecotopia camp which led to the still existing Ecotopia Romania Association. Now, amongst the true peasants of the village live a few families that moved here from the city. Downshifting, permaculture, gift economy and sustainability are their interests and ways of life.
HelpX and WWOOF volunteers are around, and friends from Timișoara, the nearby city or other parts of the world.
There is the „Ecotopia house”, a shared housing project, garden included, that waits for more inhabitants.
What do we do around here? We live. We like to think we live a beautiful life, caring for the earth, the people and sharing surplus.
Some of us make soap, some make jams, syrups and vegetable preserves from the yield of our gardens and the surroundings. They are available for those who want to support our community and the local economy.
What we learn we share through workshops, group work parties and stories told in the barn, the garden, the porch or around the fire. We say the stories of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


What can you learn here

  • Soil-maintainence
  • building techniques
  • soap-making
  • water management
  • Garden-planning
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  • Bio-Construction
  • Demolition
  • Gardening
  • Permaculture-Workshop
  • design
  • soap making
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Products and Creations

  • herbs
  • home-pressed vegetable oils
  • in season vegetables
  • jams
  • vegetable preserved
  • wild plant infusions
  • Soap
  • handmade items
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